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The majority of our clients are looking for long-term returns be it either income or capital growth from their investments. Before we provide any investment advice or commence investing monies, the first and most important thing we do is obtain a thorough understanding of our clients attitude and tolerance to investment risk and their capacity for loss (see section entitled ‘What we do for you’.  Once this has been determined, our approach to investing monies can be summarised as follows:

Portfolios are bespoke and constructed to meet the individual needs and objectives of clients. We do not use standard model portfolios.

 We are not blinkered or biased towards any one particular type of investment vehicle and review all options available to us when constructing portfolios.

 We believe that diversification is a very important part of portfolio construction and management in order to reduce volatility and where appropriately applied investment risk.

 Our investment decisions are usually based on the long term benefits rather than trying to ‘play the market’ for short term gains or losses.

 Depending on the size of the portfolios and agreed investment risk, underlying investments within the portfolio can include:

- Retail Investment Funds, Investment Trusts, Individual Equities (shares), Exchange Traded Funds and more Specialist Investments where agreed.

 Our belief is that over the longer term a value style of investment will deliver better returns than one focused on growth.

 Our investment committee regularly meets to review all investments that we either buy for new clients or are holding, and we construct and maintain current up to date buy lists.

 We have a commitment to on-going monitoring and active management of portfolios which is matched with both regular reporting to clients and regular client reviews.

To discuss to see whether our investment approach would be suitable to you please contact us today on 01622 691600 or visit our investment services page to view our range of services.