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So we can provide you with the advice and services you need, it is vital we have a clear understanding of your current circumstances, your investment objectives and your plans for the future. Integral to this is also your own individual attitude to investment risk and your capacity for loss should things not go according to plan.  Our normal approach therefore involves six clear stages:

Attitude and tolerance to investment risk

Before we see you initially we will usually ask you to complete two documents. One is a client questionnaire (Factfind) which provides us with hard facts about you such as your existing investments, income levels and other assets.  The second is a risk tolerance questionnaire which generates an independent report and can be completed on-line.

Initial meeting

Helping to identify your individual circumstances. Discussing your shorter, medium and longer term objectives for your money so we can be clear on how we can help you. In some circumstances and where appropriate, we will also complete the comprehensive Factfind mentioned above during this meeting.

Information gathering 

Where we are advising on existing investments and policies you have, this important stage involves us gaining full information from the various providers where appropriate so we can assess their terms and current suitability before providing you with advice.

Analysis and report

We evaluate all of your personal information against your plans and objectives and produce a detailed report identifying our recommendations for your investments and the timings for them – your personal plan.


Once you have approved our recommendations, the next stage is implementation.  We will handle aspects of this whether we are recommending to you bespoke investments or those held on the Raymond James platform and handle all aspects from submission to completion.

Monitoring and reviewing

This is the most important stage.  Our aim is to develop long term relationships with our clients, built on trust, so we can continue to provide ongoing advice as circumstances change, families grow and businesses are built and perhaps sold.  We provide detailed regular reports of the progress of all your investments.  We also hold annual reviews with clients when required, helping to remove the burden of investment decisions and replace this with the confidence your money is being carefully managed. 

Factfind form

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