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Don’t Let Thieves Ruin The Festive Season for You

Another festive season is here, bringing new ways for cyber-thieves to attempt to steal your money or your identity. Government agencies and other experts offer ways you can guard yourself...

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Blow Your Marketing Horn Without Blowing Your Budget

Here are cost-effective ways to stay in front of customers.

When it comes to marketing, high audience impact doesn’t always require high dollar spending and always remember:  No amount of marketing...

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Welcome to the season of perpetual hope

Raymond James' European Strategist Chris Bailey reviews both the political and economic factors that have shaped the month of November and also provides his analysis into what we may expect...

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Business Ownership

Many wealth transfers fail – but yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

You’ve taken your business from a struggling start up to a successful full-scale enterprise and now you’re...

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You Are What You Think

Research shows that 90% of your happiness is determined by your mind set, meaning only 10% is affected by external factors – be that your job, finances or health. It...

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Mentoring at work

Despite the small investment of time, mentoring can reap big rewards for both parties involved.

Numerous studies have shown that mentoring at work can be a good career move for you...

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Risk averse – or just aware?

Countless studies show that women aren’t as afraid of investment risk as many seem to think.

There’s a myth that’s been circulating for some time that, when it comes to investing,...

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Filter 81 Articles