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The investment managers Weald of Kent branch of Raymond James actively build and manage portfolios for clients based on agreed investment objectives and risk profiles.  The Weald of Kent branch under the management of Mark Beaney, as branch principal, has built long term relationships with clients based on excellent communication and understanding of clients wishes. This relationship enables active management of the funds, without individual client approval, freeing the investment managers to make appropriate investment decisions to and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 

For these transactions we use the Raymond James electronic trading platform. The platform enables advisers to provide a complete and integrated portfolio management service whilst maintain our traditional and highly valued independence from large investment firms.  This is also an efficient approach, taking advantage of Raymond James’ size which can result in discounted charges ad offering the added advantage that clients can view their portfolios and any changes that have been made when they wish through the client log in facility.  You’ll see the link at the top of every page of this website – so all you need is for us to set up your log in details. 

To speak to a friendly investment manager who can advise you on everything you need to know about our portfolio services available in Kent call 01622 691600 alternatively visit the contact us page for our office locations and further contact details.