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What is our investment philosophy?

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• We believe that the single most important thing we can do before we even contemplate investing monies, is to spend as much time as necessary understanding our client’s attitude to investment risk, investment volatility and their capacity for loss.

• We believe in bespoke portfolio construction designed to meet the individual needs and goals of our clients and not model portfolios where clients can be pigeonholed into one size fits all solutions.

• We are not biased or blinkered towards the type of investments included in portfolios and will select underlying investments on their individual merits and their ability to help deliver portfolio objectives. Portfolios will usually include the following assets-

       - Retail Investment Funds,

        -Investment Trusts

        -Individual Equities

        -Exchange Traded Funds

        -Specialist Funds where agreed

• We do believe diversification is important in portfolio construction in order to reduce volatility and if correctly applied lower investment risk.

• We firmly believe a well-diversified investment portfolio with a medium to longer term investment horizon should generate greater overall returns after all charges as opposed to simple cash deposits or savings accounts with Banks and Building Societies.

• It is our belief that investing in tangible assets such as shares and property will generate the best long term returns.

• We do not believe in investing in the latest Stock Market fad and will often adopt a contrarian approach to investment. As an example in 1999, our Branch Principal Mark Beaney at his previous firm did not hold any technology shares as he believed these were substantially over valued.

• Whilst we are pragmatic in our approach to selecting investments, we do have a tilt towards value and value focused investments where empirical research shows greater long term returns are achieved.

• Whilst we believe that financial markets are generally efficient, we also believe that by selecting the right combination of assets and careful fund selection this can lead to superior risk adjusted returns.

If you would like to contact the financial and investment management advice team then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01622 691600.